Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Serenade on the Rooftops

So I'm sitting at my desk today, gazing out the window and marveling at the clear blue sky and weightless clouds. Then I see a familiar sight--a small flock of birds perched on top of a orange-tiled pointed roof not too far away. Every once in a while they'd rise gracefully, fly around ceremoniously in grand circles, all in perfect formation, and settle back again. I call it serenading.

At this point, phrases of a certain melody would come rushing in. Know the simple trumpet tune from Miyazaki's Laputa? Pazu playing the trumpet with his flock of doves around him...there's an air of stateliness that seems to pay tribute to the beautiful day and world. This is exactly what Sheeta sees as she climbs up the ladder to the roof, and this would always be one of the defining moments with Pazu in it.

The birds seem to have so much fun! And they're perfectly in sync w/ each other. And they're just birds! If God is gracious to the birds, I'm pretty sure He'll be gracious to us as well. Okeee, gotta go, got work to do.

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