Thursday, October 14, 2004

Chinese Philadelphia Food

Know Chinese? Came upon this link about an incident from the East Coast. Couldn't resist linking it here. It will be more intriguing if you know the Chinese language. Warning: do not read on an empty stomach.

How refreshing it is to hear someone put in a good word for Cantonese! I got quite a pleasant "haha" from it. People should do this more.

What is Garnet yam?

Hey, I'm officially out of blog hibernation mode. Aren't you glad? Well, just finished my class on Biblical Hebrew today. I must say it's only now that I'm beginning to enjoy it. The beginning phases of learning Hebrew has been hard--even harder than Greek, because it's just not easy letting go of years of being conditioned by the writing and pronunciation system governed by English. *

Here's the story: I missed the first 3 class meetings because I only knew about it from friends later on. During that class, I was completely confused with the mysterious symbols (really cursive script: the S column) the teacher wrote on the board. And of course, he was writing from right to left. He was explaining examples in the book. But how would I know, since I didn't have the book then! Nevertheless, I tried my best to imitate the symbols in my notes. Now, of course, I've got the book.

Our teacher is a funky guy with white hair, no signs of old age, and earrings on both ears. The atmosphere is always light and fun. So this helps when I'm feeling overwhelmed by it all. I'm really thankful that friends from church are also taking this class. They've helped me through those difficult first weeks.

As for the title for today... yam (pronounce "a" as in "call") is the Hebrew word for "sea," so it just means Garnet Sea. Wouldn't it be funny though if there was such a lechem (Hebrew for "food")? I'd buy it without blinking.

*I've heard from a pastor that although Greek seems easier than Hebrew at first because it's similar to English, it's harder to master than Hebrew because the grammar is more complicated. So I far I haven't learnt either language long enough to observe this.