Friday, March 31, 2006

There's a Catch

Last day at Peet's today. Got some snacks from Trader Joe's for all of my co-workers. All of them have been really friendly, and many were sad to see me go. My manager especially--she's so kind-hearted. Some assured me I can always return! Haha--actually I haven't learned how to make espresso drinks yet. But now I'm much better at standing on tiptoe to stir the coffee grinds, and I do know how to brew good tea...

The other item God ordered for me, which wasn't on the menu I gave for Him, was the chance to serve in His Kingdom work. Before I heard about any full-time job, before even experiencing God's giant victory over every obstacle, the teaching leader for bible study invited me to be a discussion leader. This was in the beginning of March.

So surprised! Honestly I didn't expect any of this to happen. I only started attending the bible study for a few months--certainly I wasn't at all familiar with how they organized everything. How can I help out?

Then when everything else happened, I knew. God wanted me to take on the job, take on the role of leading bible study--both--together.

Although I knew what God wanted, I did not understand. How would I devote adequate time and energy to both if I did them simultaneously? Didn't make sense, right? I had no choice but to follow.

This was God's divine interruption, and one of His interesting Catches to life.

---Woh, my mini bamboo plant just came crashing down! No worries, only spilt a bit of water. Pretty windy tonight...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

No menu for God

Today, I decided to spill the beans to my manager and give everyone 1 week's notice before I leave. Yes, I've chosen to leave Peet's and work in the full-time job! In all ways this is the best decision.

I've been thinking about why I got an offer so unexpectedly and quickly, seemingly out of the blue. If I really had to come up with a good reason, I guess it all started in February of this year.

The job-hunting process was painful and slow, and I didn't like the fact that I wasn't really doing anything to show my faith in God. Being led by the Holy Spirit (I thought it was my idea at first, but I'm sure God directed my thoughts) to donate a certain sum for His kingdom work. Since everything I have belongs to God anyway, I have nothing to lose. I want to trust Him with my future.

Immediately, my friend e-mails me "randomly" and tells me about her upcoming short-term mission trip! Something amazing was happening here. I quickly told her about how my heart was moved, then made my donation to fund her trip. Initially, I didn't act too quickly, but God really pushed me and shouted in my head into acting on the promise I made toward Him!

So, God usually doesn't choose from the items on the menu He made. Rather, He orders special dishes not from our menu, to surprise and perhaps delight us. Another not-from-the-menu order coming soon...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Peet's Journal--Hot and Cold Clash

Whew! Long day today. Endless people rattling off orders before I can punch in the correct buttons! And can't believe my normally experienced co-worker spilled cold drinks three times--once onto a nice warm coat that a stylish girl was wearing. Cold sticky stuff onto expensive wool material--yikes not good. Must take these days strong, good or bad.

Peet's Freddos. Yum

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Peet's Journal--Cinderella Weekend

Felt like I was Cinderella for the whole weekend. Lots of sweeping and "elbow grease". My first official two days at work (with tips) began yesterday (yay!). Many of my co-workers told me to take off the "training" sticker from my name tag, but sometimes I sneaked it back on during the busy times of the store. The customers were usually more forgiving this way.

Long day today. After church, had to rush over to work. It's good practice on my customer service skills though. All in all it's been a great molding for me as a person. For example, now I'll remember to say "thank you" when someone serves me at a store, because I know how draining it can be to be nice/courteous all the time to people who couldn't care less or who are too busy with their errands to be polite.

Work starts early tomorrow! Good night.

Friday, March 17, 2006

A Visit

Had another day off from Peet's. Yup, it's been a very irregular schedule. So made plans regarding my full-time employment opportunity.

Arrived at the company of my future employment this afternoon. Got acquainted with the general stuff that I'll be working on. Saw my future boss and we had a good chat. I guess I "passed" because he declared me "pleasant" and seemed very pleased with what he found. The amazement about how smooth everything has gone still hasn't worn off yet. Praise God for preparing everything, knowing how I'm so lacking in the job-hunting arena.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Something very interesting happened this afternoon. Was enjoying my consecutive 2nd day off from Peet's when the phone rang in the kitchen. Who should it be but a good family friend (I call him uncle but we're not related.) In his usual enthusiastic and rapid way, he invites me to join his team and work for him, since one of his trusted employees is leaving soon.


My first reaction was shock. I've been searching for a full-time job for some months, and the searches have all ended in disappointment. What has God planned now? I was truly amazed. Funny thing was, I tried to make it realistic by asking about the specific responsibilities of the job--he assured me that I'll be able to handle everything well, plus I've got time to train. I guess I must have sounded like a wet blanket, but he was never discouraged or dissuaded at any moment in our conversation. Looking back, I really thank the Lord that despite my completely unprofessional approach to the whole thing, the friend still wanted me to join his company. It's so crazy that it just might be part of God's plan.

This is God's tweak in my life.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Peet's Journal --Morning Madness

Worked the 2nd morning shift today. Can't believe there're sooo many people needing coffee in the morning! Really crazy. My first time using a register, but I got the hang of it pretty soon. My co-worker said I'm doing great! Encouraging. Don't know the pastries yet (since only the customers can see the labels, and all the scones look the same to me :D), so stayed on the register. Everyone on my team was very supportive. Got a bit familiar with the touch screen menu when ringing up items, because had previous practice on GPS (thanks C!) which is also touch screen.

Caffe Mocha with Garuda coffee is excellent, and ordering Caffe Latte when they're using Espresso Forte coffee for their espressos is also very good.

If you're a customer, the best way to order is:
1) type of drink (Latte? Mocha? White Mocha? Chai? etc.)
2) size (small/medium/large)
3) type of milk (nonfat/lowfat/whole) and type of foam:
flat=no foam--new term to me!
dry=only foam and no milk--another new term
light foam, extra foam, etc.
4) your name if ordering an espresso drink

BUT, people usually say:
I want a small......let's see.......nonfat extra foamy latte.....wait, make it a medium and lowfat instead.....what's that? it's alexandrina jones....
[that's why we always repeat the customer's order for clarity.]

I understand now why espresso drinks are so expensive--it's personalization and the subsequent skilled labor to make the drink! I get it now.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Peet's Journal--Beans

Worked the afternoon shift training at the bean counter today. Got to scoop up different coffee beans for customers, weigh the right amount, and grind them with one of the 3 giant grinders that we have. The customers were generally very polite and relaxed, I guess since it's the weekend. Knew how to do everything, except when they asked "which coffee tastes like ___?" or "I want something light. What do you recommend?" Then my trainer would answer these questions.

Closing the bean counter required so much energy! Lots of cleaning and hurrying around. It was especially hard when customers needed help one minute before we closed! Now I'm exhausted and must sleep. Good night. Praise God for a real sabbath with no Peet's work tomorrow!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Peet's Journal--First Week

1st few days of work at Peet's has gone well. After lots of reading/studying and note-taking about the parts of a coffee bean and the bean picking process, my first time out on the floor was restocking condiments, i.e. replenishing the sugars, napkins, etc. Such a fresh experience! Had to weave in and out of the long long line of customers quite a bit. Really tested my courage!

Yep, the shifts at Peet's change each time I work. Good part is that I can have lunch with my college friend after training, at 1pm yesterday. Bad part is that I've to remember when I've to go to work every day, and when I've a holiday! I've to note everything down on paper and make a mental note before I go to bed every night.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

God's victory in our city

Last night, I was on TV! Heehee, no joke. But actually, this isn't the reason why I'm still so excited. I was part of a large team that made a presentation to the City government for a Christian cause, and our plan passed! Praise God for working His miracles, for using insignificant people like me, and for answering our friends' prayers. I understand a bit more the saying "My eyes have seen God. I will tell of Your great works." because this time, I really did see God at work, making Him very real. Whenever I sing the hymns "You're the victorious God," I finally understand what that means. When we as a group held hands and prayed aloud in a circle after the triumph, my eyes started streaming w/ tears - I could not stop. But I didn't try to stop them, because they were tears of joy. =)

God let me have a few hours rest after work before going to the City meeting! Everything else pales in comparison now, even my recently-acquired job. Or rather, all the other aspects of my life are magnetized towards my enlarged understanding of God--He who does the impossible so His plan will be accomplished, who makes beautiful sense out of everything.

What's next? I hope I won't slow down in my pursuit of God, but that this spiritual victory will propel me onward. It'll be hard, but I have God beside me.