Thursday, October 05, 2006

orange pop up

Update: turns out my cousin still needs many prayers, because there're still three spots in his lung, plus gall bladder stones. Please join me in prayer for him! I sent a quick e-mail to his daughter (my cousin once-removed) saying I'm thinking of them.

And interestingly, she google-m's me! It's my first time using google chat. Pretty cool. Very small window keeps the chat simple but effective. I forget that we're only 1 hour apart. It feels like she's in the next room...

This has been the excellent answered prayer that's happened today.

[Late 2007: My cousin came to be w/ the Lord at last. I heard that he really enjoyed the extra time he got from many of our prayer prayers, to spend with his loved ones before leaving Earth. I've since learned to pray for dying people like this: "Lord, please extend this person's life so that they can have more breath to praise, honor and glorify You!! So that those around them can recognize Your healing power!! Can the dead sing praises to You? Can those in the grave worship You? Since they cannot, please hear my prayer to give life to this person, just as You have delighted to give us spiritual life for all eternity." Turns out that God has answered my prayer for him. If God likes this kind of prayer, I might use it again in the future. =)]