Friday, August 10, 2007

surprise today

What have I been doing all this time? Haha, no time to update.
April: Had wonderful Easter singing one easy song and one difficult one...

May: Went through whirlwind at work before being able to [semi]safely enjoy my trip to Europe... Had to reorganize at work when I returned! The opportunity to visit just crept up unawares! Europe, I found, is just like any other tourist destination - got to see places w/ a calm heart. Very enjoyable and relaxing though. Forced to use my high school French for the first time, hahaha. Might give a more detailed blurb later.

June: Co-started a new bible study with people at my fellowship - an amazing answered prayer! The skills I gleaned from BSF were really helpful here. God doesn't waste any of our experiences. The start of going to many many bbq's - is that everyone's fave activity? Got to eat oysters 2-3 times, hehe.

July: Enjoyed Independence Day w/ friends, tried out accountability...

August: Celebrated birthdays with friends. Just got a card from a friend thanking me for attending her surprise birthday party. She must've hid it under my bible yesterday - sneaky! Now I get one free drink from Jamba juice - wow it's been ages since I've gone there... I was so surprised to get those from her because when you truly enjoy someone's company, you don't really expect any gift back in return. Friends truly make life more enjoyable and worthwhile.

Signing off now,