Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Peace in the Easter storm

Recently, we heard that our cousin was diagnosed with cancer. I really feel for the family and was struck at the fragility of life, and how sometimes a too-easygoing attitude about little pains in the body translates into poor health management.

I've been corresponding with the daughter a lot, who is also my cousin (but once-removed or something like that, I can never get it straight) and sent her a book that I received before I graduated from college, before I was hit with the anxiety pangs of job-hunting. The book really reminded me of God's presence, and I pray it will help my cousin-friend as well.

Just an interesting tidbit to share: when I went on Amazon to order the book, I was bombarded with "recommendations" to buy tons of Hebrew dictionaries! Nothing but scholarly-looking book covers with Hebrew designs. It took me a while to realize that the last purchase I made was the Hebrew textbook I ordered for my college class, which was a long while ago. Now it made sense!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

/grammar >_<

Just finished proofreading a friend's paper today. It took some time, but I was happy to help. I don't think I'm good at many things, but I know that looking at grammar is something I can do. It's nice when a community of believers can support each other in different respects.

It's funny when I don't think I'm awfully smart, but there might just be some out there who think so! Incredible. Well, for every good result in school and otherwise, I've had to work really really hard and burn some midnight oil. So at least I'm unlike those who can party all night and score pretty high grades. I'm just thankful for every good thing that comes from above. In the end, I can't control what others think or do.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Weekday joys

First week of work has been a dream. Regular hours, time to sit down, free drinking water--yup it's a dream. Had staff lunch today and got to hear a lot and see a lot at the office. Everyone has been a kind soul, which is so rare these days. Can't be anything but God's gift. This week's been peppered with choir practice for the upcoming big performance of Messiah selections. We're collaborating with high school students, and I'm just amazed that they're so talented for being able to execute the music at their young age!

Saturday, April 01, 2006


It's Saturday today!! So excited because no work, and no bible study training yet. So went to Mitsuwa--the Japanese supermarket in the morning. So many fond memories there! Hoarded two packs of Royal Milk Tea (thanks C for recommending it--it's really good) and Bourbon Chocolate mini wafers. Altogether a very satisfying and refreshing day. Perfect timing for a break, and I did genuinely feel relaxed.